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The Gathering Norway 2012 -Fastest Internet Speed Ever

TechWave by Fusion

In cooperation with Altibox, The Gathering set an awesome goal to have the universes fastest Internet access in 2012.

Last year’s world record was110Gbit/s, the Swedes at Dreamhack answered with 120 Gbit/s on their event.
“We have a long tradition of breaking records. With this internet access we write history again”, says head of information at The Gathering, Simon Eriksen Valvik.

“This year surpasses every previous record. This is just the reason we’re focusing on broadband trough fiber. It has nearly no limits and we know that we will be setting new records in the future too”, says Per-Andre Rykhus, vice president, marketing, sales & products, Altibox.

The Gathering in Norway is now sold out, but there are still tickets available with app for creative and pro gamer tickets still available. Unused tickets will also be put up for resale.

6000 young people filled Hamar’s Viking Ship Hall for this year’s big event, “The Gathering 2012”. People come here for great competitions, lectures, seminars, work shops and social events. What an awesome idea to bring people and friends together that all love the same, technology, our web, pc games, communications, and our world today.

For those who don't know, The Gathering is a massive 5-day long gaming tournament held every year at Hamar, Norway. KANDU’s Chillout is a special section at the event which is intended as a way to get gamers away from their PCs for a while, so that they can join in on fun games, competitions or just to chill out.

'The Gathering' (TG) is the years biggest group event for young people that started in 1992 with 1.200 people at Skedsmo Hall, near Oslo. Now it's getting huge, More than 13km of cables have been rolled out and 7568 connecting points have been installed.
This five day event gets eveyone pumped, here everyone is so concentrated on data and pcs, they sleep very little apart from short naps. Hundreds of people fly from over sees to take part in this event.

The Gathering attracts growing interest, both nationally and internationally. TG is organized by the nonprofit organization KANDU (Kreativ Aktiv Norsk DataUngdom/Creative Active Norwegian Computer Youth).

Tagline Most of the years, The Gathering has had a tagline. The tagline has often reflected onto the logo and certain other materials.

2000: "The Gathering 1900 - Follow the Flow". Inspired by Millennium Bug
2001: "A Cyberspace Odyssey". Inspired by the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"
2002: "The Gathering: Reloaded". Inspired by the movie "The Matrix Reloaded" and a reference to the endless reloading on PTN’s website, in search for a ticket
2004: "Rescue of Fractalus" Inspired by the Lucasfilm Games’ game Rescue on Fractalus!
2005: "We are the robots" inspired by Kraftwerk’s song "The robots"
2006: "The Darks Side of Pluto" inspired by NASA’s first probe to Pluto
2007: "Still Puzzled?" inspired by the famous fifteen puzzle
2008: "Optimus Prime" inspired by the numbers 16 and 17
2009: "Fire and Ice"
2010: "Submerged"
2011: "Partly cloudy", inspired by cloud computing.
2012: "At the End of the Universe"

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