Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Steve Jobs Digital Garden

Visionary Steve Jobs amazed us
for his innovation and devotion.
Our World today was grown in
Steve's Digital Garden.
Compared to greatest minds in history like
Galileo and Albert Einstein,
who have forever influenced our people and lifestyles.

Steve Jobs was driven by opportunity, imagination, and possibilities. He saw it possible
what never was before at only 20 years old. An ambitious Steve Wonziak and Steve Jobs Co-Founded Apple Computers from their parents garage, they saw it possible for our future to be. Dreaming to take technology from laboratories to all people and places.
Best known for his Macintosh Computer and founding Apple in 1976. Apple grew explosively with Steve's talent and imagination. In the 80's at 30 yrs old Apple's power struggle left Steve out of the company.

"People don't know what they want until you show it to them" - Steve Jobs

After Apple he was devastated and inspired. Moving on to start his new company Next and developing Pixar Animation Studios. At Pixar he revolutionized our imaginations and dreams today. Later when Apple bought Next in 1996 Steve was back at Apple. He created artistic and powerful products and stores no one had ever seen before. Impressive would be an understatement for a man so driven forth to change and move our worlds perceptions and
aspirations. He believed in possibilities.

Steve invented the first successful personal computer in 1977, the mac in 1984, the next computer 1985, the cube 2000, the ipod 2000, macbook in 2006, the iphone in 2007, and the ipad tablet. The iPad can be a TV, radio, camera, toy, cash register, notepad, book, or a million other things. To look at his early days, Steve was always reinventing what he had created. An innovator by nature Steve believes Apple's most brightest days were ahead of it.

Thanks Steve,

Steve invented

the first successfull
personal computor (1977)

the mac (1984)

next computor (1985)

the cube (2000)

ipod (2001)

macbook (2006)

ipad tablets

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