Thursday, May 3, 2012

Video How Linux is Built - Linux Distributors 2012

Short Video on how Linux is Built: for everyone
TechWave by Fusion

There are many options for your linex distributor.
Some of these distros can come in 3d and others can be run by cd
or even off your keychain.

Best Linux Desktop Distribution
Linux Mint 12   "Lisa"

 One of the most contended categories is for general desktop use. This year, the pick is back in the Ubuntu genus, though it's not something directly from Canonical.
Linux Mint is a downstream derivation of Ubuntu, which means that the code for Linux Mint is based on that found in Ubuntu. Linux Mint developers then add their own take to the distribution.

              Linux Mint Screenshots


Best Linux Laptop Distribution

 Not all laptops are the same, some laptops are taking cues from Apple Macbook Air line and are starting to conform to a sleeker aesthetic. Suited for the Linux distro with an interface that matches it: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Ubuntu has a superior laptop toolset, with excellent power management and drivers. Ubuntu's Unity interface is perfect for a mobile device that needs more streamlined usability.
As a laptop distribution, Ubuntu still reigns supreme.

                Ubuntu Screenshots


Best Linux Enterprise Desktop

Red Hat is  pushing into new territory within the virtualization and cloud spaces.
 It seems that the SUSE Enterprise Linux line is starting to fall behind for a minute.

Best Linux LiveCD

 Really today every Linux distro is really a LiveCD that you can put a  physical CD or DVD into your optical drive, boot the system, and run a full Linux distribution without actually installing it.
One class of distros specializes in LiveCD only. These distributions offer users utilities and tools for repairing existing Linux and Windows installations. These distros are very useful to have regardless of what primary Linux distribution you like to use.

 Recommended KNOPPIX. This Debian based LiveCD uses a lightweight LXDE interface to

KNOPPIX  and Debian ScreenShots

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